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Programme Features

CHI students attend the programme 5 days a week term time.

The course is delivered through a combination of teaching that takes place in the training room and through first-hand experience of work. Work placements take place in different departments around the hotel or in one of the two retail settings.

After experiencing different departments, students have the opportunity to stay within a department for a longer time to further develop their skills in a specific area. There are also opportunities to work within other outlets to develop their skill further in new placements.

The second and third years are tailored to the individual students’ strengths and areas of interest within the workplace. Our team of Placement Coordinators work in close consultation with the students to set up longer term placements outside of our year 1 sites. Once a week there is also a session for leisure and recreation and the programme also includes sessions focusing on wellbeing and a chance for learners to reflect on their progress and areas to develop, through an appraisal system.

Attendance is monitored through an attendance support system much like a workplace and students are encouraged to take responsibility for timekeeping and attendance in order to reflect workplace protocols.

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