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A Typical Day

What would be a typical day at the college?

The CHI programme usually starts at 9am and finishes at 3pm. On Fridays students finish at 12pm.

We see this flexibility as important because it helps you understand what working is really like and on occasion times may differ but this is always done in advance and students will be notified of changes.

For the students on the second year the students may do slightly different hours depending on their placements.

The course is term time, although again some students may have the opportunity to work over part of the holidays but this is done through negotiation with students and their parents and the students will gain time off in lieu if this happens.

The day at CHI is often different and some students will start placements at 9am whilst others may start at 9.30am or 10am.

Between Monday to Thursday students will have some form of work placement and on the Friday they have a short class-based session followed by PE.

On occasion a student might visit other outlets. This may be over a whole day or part of the day.

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