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Get Set to Eat Fresh – Aldi Promotion

3 Oct 2019

This academic year we will be holding our annual Health Week from Monday 30th September to Friday the 4th October 2019 so that we can encourage healthy active lifestyles throughout the year.

As part of our Health Week, we will collecting Team GB stickers with Aldi’s Kit for Schools for the chance to be one of 20 primary schools to win £20,000 to build a health legacy at our school!

From 6th September–3rd November, when you spend £30 or more in any Aldi store, you’ll receive a special Team GB sticker – if our school works together to collect 300 stickers, we will automatically receive an exclusive school sports kit, in addition to entry into the £20,000 prize draw!

Please send any stickers you receive into school with your children, or bring them in yourself to add to our collection box and we will add them to our Aldi’s Kit for Schools sticker poster.

The Aldi’s Kit for Schools campaign supports the aims of Get Set to Eat Fresh, Aldi and Team GB’s award-winning school’s programme, which has already beaten its target to reach 1.2 million young people in the UK by 2020, reaching over 1.5 million young people since its inception.

Throughout the autumn term, we will be trying out Get Set to Eat Fresh’s fun and engaging resources to create healthy moments in assemblies and the classroom, alongside setting occasional take-home tasks and challenges. We appreciate your support in helping pupils to complete these activities and hope you will enjoy finding out more about the campaign and the healthy challenges we complete.

We hope everyone will enjoy collecting Team GB stickers and exploring healthy eating this term. Remember, Aldi’s Kit for Schools Team GB stickers are available until 3rd November when shopping in any Aldi store. We will keep everyone up to date with how many stickers we have collected, and how many we have to go!

If you want to find out more about Aldi’s Kit for Schools you can visit getseteatfresh.co.uk/kitforschools, or get in touch with the school for more information on our plans.

Thank you so much for your support on this project – we look forward to receiving any stickers you collect!

Best wishes,

The Health and Well-being Team

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