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From parents & carers

“My child has made great progress. In addition to the educational levels he has attained he has really developed in his social and living skills.”

“We are really proud that he has managed to get a job where he is considered a valuable member of the team.”

“Thank you for your support and encouragement, since starting the course we are delighted that our child is developing her life skills and has been much happier in herself.”

We are really pleased how our child has progressed during his time at CHI, this has given him the firm foundation to transfer to the world of work. We are delighted that he has received two offers of paid work.”

“The variety of placements has given her a much better understanding of what is expected in the workplace, as well as helping her recognise her own strengths.”


From students on the CHI Programme

“This course really makes you think about what you could do with your life.”

“It’s challenging in a good way. You get to learn different things…in an exciting way.”

“When I first came to CHI I lacked confidence …I wasn’t very outgoing and found it hard to talk to new people but now I have changed, I am more confident than ever and can introduce myself to new people with ease.”

“I am more confident and more independent, I think CHI has been good for me.””

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