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Our Philosophy & Learning Model

We believe that all young people have the capacity to make a valued contribution in the workplace. The increased drive for recognised accreditation, positive as this may be, should not be allowed to impede the prospects of those young people who are working within Entry Level but who also have the ability, with focused support and guidance from both industry and educational specialists, to demonstrate a genuine aptitude for work related skills such as teamwork, reliability and personal presentation.

We believe that what these young people need is a context in which to demonstrate their capacity to contribute as well as build their confidence in, and knowledge of, the workplace. We believe that the young people deserve the opportunity to be immersed in the workplace and its core purpose whilst they work towards industry appropriate accreditation and further developing their functional skills.

We believe that the hospitality and retail industries offer opportunities to model focused on the job training that fully prepares young people to enter the workplace with the experience, confidence and qualifications to successfully take their place in industry.

We hope very much that this model, in the fullness of time, can successfully be translated to other industries such as, horticulture, leisure and manufacturing to enable these young people to show their worth in a range of occupations.

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